There are a lot of disciplines which startups follow to get things in order. They have a plan which is driven by vision and have a systemic setup for execution. It takes time & effort to plan out the details and the returns if the bets work out are significant.

That’s all great, but why do we neglect our own state until there is a fire to deal with? Why is it that people realize how fragile their health is once it goes south? Or how fragile their financial setup is once an emergency happens? Aren’t these the same people who will go dream of building something big in their lives? (me included by the way)

For a long time I’ve been thinking about this, I’m was in the founding teams of a couple of startups. All the successful startups I’ve been a part of have a discipline around cadence, planning, metrics and goals. Why don’t we do it for ourselves?

What do startups do?

maybe let’s mull over what startups do & what we can pickup from them

  • cadence in planning: companies sit down, discuss and revisit plan & goals at a fixed cadence. usually every quarter.
  • think & track: think about metrics which are useful, and then track them at a fixed cadence.
  • aggressively prioritize: a company can do n things. successful companies focus and prioritize so that significant progress can be made in short spans of time.
  • longevity: optimize for legacy & sustainability.

so here are some ideas we can pickup from that world and get into this world

  • cadence
  • tracking
  • goals

and then the dimensions which we can build systems for

  • health
  • wealth
  • relationships