I use many CLI tools for my day to day job.

The emphasis on compatibility means that tools can be stitched together to accomplish a lot of things. I use a combination of saw, choose, jq & grep to parse production JSON logs all the time, and it is possible because each of them does one thing and does it well & most importantly is designed to allow data to be piped in and results to be piped out.

Some of my favorites

  • FZF: A command line fuzzy finder. In my opinion, one of the smartest and well-made tools which just does one thing, but does it impeccably. I use this to replaceĀ ctrl + RĀ to fuzzy search through history every day.
  • saw: A AWS cloudwatch tool
  • choose: alternative to cut
  • jq: command line JSON processor
  • aws cli: the official AWS command line application
  • zoxide: A smarterĀ cdĀ alternative