I Travel a lot in south india. Usually from between RJY-Bangalore (15 hour travel time), HYD-Bangalore, sometimes to places like coorg, wayanad, varkala, wayanad etc..

And since I plan a couple of days before travelling, I can’t really book train tickets. Flights are anyways going to be insanely expensive. So buses are the best option.

Maybe a controversial opinion, but I prefer travelling in buses. Obviously trains are cheaper, hence the comparison is probably not fair. But a good bus will have a decent amount of rest stops, they’ll have power etc.. These amenities mean that you can actually spend time in the bus doing something like working, reading, writing. In absolute solitude.

So, this is my personal DB of bus travel providers I like & recommend. If you find one of them on red bus or paytm, there is a high probability you might have a good time in the bus.


  • Cleanliness: I understand this is subjective, hence I’ll record my experience
  • Power socket: Ideally a three pin power socket. So that you don’t have to be worried about charging
  • Sleeper compartment height: comfortable enough to sit upright
  • Bag rack: A small rack to hold the bag, so that the bed is fully available to sleep
  • Mobile holder: Small detail, but useful. Since you’ll probably hold on to your phone while sleeping
CompanyPower socketHeightBag rackMobile holderRecommended
Sri Tulasi tours and travels3 pinGreatYesYesYes