Philosophy: measure biomarkers at a fixed cadence. course correct if needed. seek advice when unsure.


  • metrics from watch. constantly.
    • resting heart rate, exercise minutes, workout tracking, heart rate variability etc..
    • preferred: apple watch
  • blood & urine panel. every three months.
  • body measurements. every two months.
    • datapoints like percentage body fat, basal metabolic rate, skeletal muscle mass etc..
    • preferred: Inbody 270 (at a nearby gym)
  • dexa scan. every year.
    • accurate body fat percentage, bone mineral density etc..
    • preferred: still figuring out after measuring, make sure to analyse/consult & plan a course of action.

data aggregation

  • biomarkers from Tata 1mg reports are currently fed into a google sheet using this script
  • some biomarkers from Inbody are manually fed into apple health. need to find a better solution since I’m currently dropping a lot of datapoints. (although a backup of the report is stored away in icloud)
  • apple watch anyways feeds directly into apple health database.


  • manual. since the frequency of data addition is so less, there are no fancy graphs showing progress. that being said, there is value in centralising data in the future.