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Self quantification

The idea is of collecting data points about thyself, in hope of drawing constructive inferences and use that to make positive changes to lifestyle.

Here are some data points I would like to collate and analyze

Data sources

  • Movies watched: Trakt
  • Books read: Goodreads
  • Song listening history:
  • Run tracking: Strava
  • Habits
  • Programs used on the computer
  • Travel data
  • Caffeine intake
  • Food and corresponding calories
  • Financial Transactions
  • Podcasts
  • Chat history
  • Videos watched
  • Videos linked
  • Articles read
  • Articles liked
  • Websites visited
  • Articles I would want to refer later
  • Notes from books
  • Sleep tracking
  • Purchasing history
  • What do I ask alexa?
  • EMail data
  • Keystrokes
  • Calendar events
  • Phone calls
  • Investments
  • Apps used on phone
  • Mood tracking

Life log: A event aggregator of life

This is one project I intend on taking up sometime soon. Let's call the project, Life log. Life log is an event aggregator, that takes a lot of inputs from different sources. Trakt, Strava, Calendar, Phone, Sleep, Travel and many more. This is later indexed for deriving insights.