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Self hosting

Self-hosting can be only democratized once the installation is completely automated and painless with paid support structure. Cloudron is the closest option right now.

Personally I feel iCloud is the gold standard of the suite of services which 90% of the population would need. Lets use that as a baseline and explore options.

To achieve most of these, we need to set up a webDAV server. Currently, nextcloud is probably our only option, but the UI is not great in my opinion.

  • Mail: Would not recommend self-hosting
  • Contacts: ? (alternative: nextcloud contacts)
  • Calendar: ? (alternative: nextcloud calendar)
  • Photos: Photo prism
  • Drive: ? (alternative: nextcloud)
  • Notes: ? (alternative: nextcloud notes)
  • Reminders: ? (alternative: nextcloud tasks)
  • Office suite (Pages, Numbers & Keynote): Google Docs & libreoffice. Don't intend to self-host.