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My mind: A visual bookmarking tool

"mymind is an extension of your mind"

Mymind dashboard

My mind does something very interesting, it takes a very bold approach of deciding for the user that folders are not needed. Instead, completely depend on automated tagging for organization.

My mind's differentiating feature is something called auto tagging. When you add something to mymind, it tries to index it and auto generate tags.

The reason I think why mymind wins over customers is the philosophy of the product. And this is something that very elegantly is shown in the design, product choices and the text on the website. The theme is peaceful organization. Not power user organization. It is extremely minimal on features, but focuses on magic & beauty. Magic through automated tagging & beauty through the typography & design.

Some of My minds principles

  • No pressure on the user for organization
  • No sharing or social features
  • Focus on beauty & performance


  • Websites have custom logic written around them. Twitter, Youtube, Github and many more websites have custom metadata attached to them and are rendered in a specific way.
  • Quotes are carefully rendered. Once you have the extension installed, you can select any text and save it to my mind. It remembers the source URL and saves it as a quote.
  • Heavily banks off keywords in the meta tags of websites for auto tagging articles
  • If products are added, then it makes use of the ld json metadata to understand that it's a product. And retrieves pricing for the product as well. Very interesting, does it refresh prices too?
  • Uses lunr and does search in the browser, no wonder it's fast. Since it's the client which is responsible for the snappiness. Curious to see what happens after a couple of years of usage.
  • Google vision is probably used in the background on the thumbnail of the website to source tags, along with the tags in the meta section. Looks like the text is also processed, not sure how important words are picked up from the text. Need to look into this.